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    MeterTrac SMS wireless datalogger is a compact low power data logger with telemetry. It is the complete remotemonitoring, control and alarm system:

    • monitors 100's of inputs (analog, digital, counters, frequency, SDI-12, modbus, RF and more ...)
    • logs (records) data
    • communicates via integrated GSM/NextG/Satellite modem
    • displays system/channel information on LCD
    • is set up through user friendly "Internet surfing" approach

    The MeterTrac SMS is designed for long term remote monitoring and alarming applications. It interfaces directly with the OzGreen Energy data management system and with a wide range of environmental and industrial sensors.

    Once installed the MeterTrac SMS will log data and automatically send data to OzGreen Energy's data management center. Alarms can send SMS and email alarm messages.


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