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Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter - MeterTrac TX-OB (Outdoor Use)

Wireless Transmitter, MeterTRacWTX-08, is a compact wireless input expansion module suitable use with a MeterTrac base station. It is ideal for utility meter monitoring in new and existing industrial, commercial, highrise and residential applications.

Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter (Outdoor Use)

  • monitors up to 4 pulse meters with tamper detection
  • monitors water, gas and electricity meters
  • is compatible with electronic meters
  • communicates with a MeterTrac Base Station via a low power wireless network
  • has a wireless range of up to 1 km
  • is battery powered (up to 5 years battery life)
  • uses repeaters to extend range
  • is compact and waterproof to IP-68 rating

A single MeterTRac Base Station  can connect to 100 MeterTrac WTX modules to monitor up to 400 inputs.

MeterTracWTX uses the 2-way Wavenis wireless technology for data reliably and superior transmission distances.


The weatherproof enclosure is designed for outdoor mounting near water meters


Use with the MeterTrac base station and other MeterTRacWTX products to build automatic intelligent meter reading networks and carbon monitoring solutions.

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