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Wireless Automatic Meter Reading

  Wireless AMR System

The MeterTrac Wireless Automatic Meter Reading base

station is a self-contained unit with  built-in telemetry which can:.

  • wirelessly monitor up to 400 electricity, water and gas meters
  • connect to any pulse meter
  • generate SMS and e-mail alarms
  • log (record) data
  • communicate seamlessly with OzGreen Energy’s interactive data management systems via integrated LAN/GSM/NextG
  • link to SCADA and BMS systems

MeterTrac wireless base station is designed for long term utility meter monitoring. It interfaces with a wide range of water, electricty and gas meters via Wireless transmitter modules. It automatically collects data from all connected meters and sends it to OzGreen Energy’s web servers where data is processed in near real-time before being delivered to end-users via the cloud.

The complete system including a MeterTrac base station device, power supply, backup battery, antennas, and  cables is built into an outdoor enclosure.

Once installed the MeterTrac base station will log data and automatically send date-stamped data at preset frequencies to the WaterTrac system which can activate outputs, send SMS, e-mail alarm messages and trigger reports.

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