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Wireless lighting controller for sports facilities

Get smartphone control of sportsfield lighting and other energy expenses!

The OzGreen Energy IllumiTrac is a cost effective floodlight control and facility monitoring system for sports fields, parks and other public places. Using a web interface, facility managers set up clubs so that authorised members can turn lights on or off via SMS.

Each IllumiTrac can

  • control up to 8 independent groups of lights
  • support more than 50 authorised user groups
  • automatically send usage and billing reports

Designed in conjunction with local councils and sports clubs, the IlumiTrac system is suitable for a single field or a whole regional network of fields and facilities. It can easily be added to existing installations to provide sophisticated, flexible control of all lighting functions, without the need for expensive centralised computers and software.


Authorised members use their unique PIN to control lights through SMS messages or via a keypad at the facility. Changes in schedules due to weather, time extensions and other unforeseen events are handled by the club's themselves, requiring no involvement of the facility administrator.


The system records every command, identifying the user that issued it, and automatically sends periodic reports via email. The reports can be used to prepare billing and usage reports.

The IllumiTrac can also:

  • Connect to electricity and water meters to collect usage information
  • Monitor tank levels, pumps, intruder sensors, alarms and excess water usage
  • Control Irrigation
  • Generate SMS alarms on tank levels, leaks, excess water or power usage

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