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Comprehensive energy, water, gas, and carbon tracking web portal

With energy consumption and energy and water prices continuing to rise, businesses need to implement efficiency measures now more than ever. OzGreen Energy works with global strategic alliance partners to provide systems to help make accurate smart resource consumption choices with tangible results.

We use robust high quality data systems and hardware to produce cost effective, innovative and accurate solutions. Our powerful systems collect, store and organise massive amounts of energy, water, and environmental data, and deliver it to the right user - in the right way -intelligently.


One of the powerful features of  OzGreen Energy's web portals is access to near "real-time" and historical data collected from a building's energy and water consuming devices. Every node in the energy network will "report in" with data every minute or so.

  • Data is presented in charts and diagrams and is easy to understand.
  • See immediately where waste is happening.
  • See water a& energy  leakage
  • Set alarms and thresholds.
  •  Auto-calculate energy and water use.
  • Compare buildings to each other, areas in buildings  to each other, and sites across Australia to each other.
  • Compare P&E operations in different places.

  • Compare expenditures and outcomes in many ways - all with a few clicks of a mouse and no need to ever load any software on your computer!


OzGreen Energy and our strategic alliance partners do all the hard work behind the scenes to make energy and water efficiency measures easy and cost effective.

Call us for a demonstration and we will show you how simple and powerful the system can be and how you can save energy and water and reduce operating expenses.

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