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Performance Reporting and Event Monitoring

 Measurement Reporting

OzGreen Energy's fee-based subscription services provide more comprehensive visibility into the efficiency, performance, and energy usage of enterprise HVAC and refrigeration systems. These additional services include:


Event Monitoring

Many small facility enterprise clients choose to outsource the HVAC or refrigeration system alarm monitoring to their trusted service providers so that dispatch of service personnel is centrally managed. With OzGreen Energy's monitoring services, alarms generated by the Network Thermostats at each facility are communicated to the central station to be processed for forwarding to clients and their nominated service personnel.


Performance Reports

The enterprise Performance Report is issued monthly and/or quarterly by OzGreen Energy and provides a compilation of all monitored events; synopsis of energy usage by RTU, system performance trends, and system optimisation recommendations.


Data Storage

Standard data retention for all data and events captured within the Ozgreen Energy systems are flexible. Service plans may be chosen which store data and events for up to 5 years. To take advantage of our monitoring services please call OzGreen Energy or an OzGreen Energy authorised Dealer. We will help you identify the best services and subscription level to suit your distinct business needs.

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